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Wedding Decoration Ideas: We bring you decor trends for 2019-2020

If you have a big fat Indian wedding planned for this year or early next year, we suggest you pay heed to these tips by top decorators

Decorations in Indian weddings have surpassed the typical standards of simple hanging or scrunched up drapes and cliched floral arrangements a long time back. With constant newness brimming up and creative minds of wedding decorators curating unique and fresh trends, Indian wedding decorations have evolved multi folds over the years. And quite amazingly, there's no going back now! From amping up even the tiniest of elements of the decor to centering it around a set theme entirely, simple Indian wedding decoration ideas have undoubtedly been taken a notch higher!

There is a reason why Indian weddings are referred to as a ‘grand affair’—the amount of planning, detailing and pomp that goes into organising these sets them apart from all others around the world. While the bride and groom spend months deciding what to wear, a wedding planner does the same, by trying to put up a picture perfect do. To understand top decor trends for 2019-2020, we spoke to well-known wedding planners in the country.

Wedding Decoration Ideas: Floral All The Way

When you think of any celebrity wedding, you instantly visualise a floral backdrop designed as a photo-op spot. Kinjal Adodra, creative director, Design Headquarter swears by floral decor. She says, “While the typical wedding floral arrangements are done-to-death, the trend is moving towards more elegant floral styles using textures and incorporating little details about the couple and the family. The decor can be layered with ruffled, fringes or self-textured fabrics. Pampas grass has become a huge part of aisle décor, tablescapes and lounges. The trend is of giving guests a whole new experience right at their table. This is why you’ll see so many table décor workshops being held in the city.” The key is to keep the floral look restrained and not overdo it.

Sustainable and environment-friendly weddings are the need of the hour according to Shashank Gupta, founder and director, Tailor Made. He says, “A major reality check—humongous wastage and high carbon footprint are caused due to wedding decorations; hence, there is an immediate need to adopt more ecological decor ideas.” He suggests using locally sourced florals, installing solar lighting units at the venue and even using recycled seed paper for wedding cards. “A lot of people are using succulents as centrepieces that can be taken by the guests as gifts post the wedding, and used as planters in their houses. Bamboo, jute and bagaas boards (made from sugarcane waste) or other bio-degradable materials can also be explored for making structures for the wedding functions. Not only are these eco-friendly, they also add a rustic, earthy feel to the theme and decor.”

Gupta also suggests using soy candles or energy-saving lights to illuminate the venue, and replacing floral garlands with organic or recycled paper flowers. A lot of linens, drapes and cloths can also be replaced with florals since they are reusable and do not increase carbon footprint.

Wedding Decoration Ideas: Tropical Treat

Fancy a beach wedding? Then a tropical wedding decor will be ideal for you. Vikram Mehta, founder, Mpire Events suggests a few ideas to create a tropical wonderland by using a mishmash of colour and rustic elements. He says, “For a beach wedding, one can introduce elements like fun stalls, bohemian style beds, and wooden boxes instead of the traditional dining tables. A long swing can be built under a secluded tree by the beach. This can be a photo booth for couples.”

Wedding Decoration Ideas: Retro Chic

If you were mesmerised by the sets of Amazon Prime’s Made In Heaven then pay heed to these tips offered by the lady behind the lavish wedding décor on the show. Priti S Sidhwaani, Founder & CEO, DreamzKrraft Wedding feels that big fat Indian weddings are passé. People are now opting to keep their wedding more personal and customised.

Retro is in these days. One may witness that more typewriters are being used for décor rather than typing! Another popular idea is to place the wedding cake or flowers on an antique sewing machine table. Cocktails can be served in pickle jars or mason jars. A vintage theme may also include birdcages, beaten metal vases and mirrors with Victorian frames.

Wedding Decoration Ideas: We bring you decor trends for 2019-2020