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Community participation and our role as common people

After the pandemic breakthrough of COVID 19 worldwide with a positive toll of 21,82,058 and 12,759 positive cases in our country, when the world is fighting with novel corona-virus, the role of common people is very much important to prevent the spread.


  1. The positive toll in India is 12,759 and more
  2. Recurrence after sealed hotpots is the main concern.

When the whole world is fighting together to save ourselves from COVID 19 what could be the roles and responsibilities as common people ..

  1. Be aware and spread awareness about COVID 19 in your locality
  2. Connect with people & take a lead in your locality to make a strong community
  3. Prepare community guideline to fight against COVID 19
  4. Extend your hand for help maintaining social distancing
  5. Contribute to the community as per your capacity
  6. Volunteer for people and another living being around
  7. Encourage people to live a healthy & positive life
  8. Alert on positive cases in the community and handle as per govt. guideline

Humans are the best creation of god with a gift of a brain, let's use it to make a safe place for all the living being around by contribution & connecting as per our individual capacity.

Dale Fisher, Chair of the WHO said, India's decision to lift the lockdown in a phased manner is the right decision, Lockdown must be lifted in a phased manner, the best way to have an intense social engagement as the virus transmitted to the community